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You need a Micorosoft Windows controlled Delegation of Control method?

This software can give you the solution.

Product Information

This software will manage local administrator rights without the need that these users always have these rights. Common problems with governance, compliancy and other issues are managed this way. Specific users can request for administrators using a desktop tray icon. The Delegation of Control service will response to this request. After a period of time the elevated users become a normal users again. This way nobody is longer local administrator then strictly needed.
Al these requests are logged to the machine eventlog and comma-separated log file for audit trail needs.

How it Works

There a two functions. This is the Desktop Tray Icon and the Delegation of Control Service. The Desktop Tray icon is the request part. The Delegation of Control Service will grant the user.

You can tweak settings like how long in time the user will be a Local Administrator. After this time period the Delegation of Control Service will automatic remove the users who requested Local Administrator Rights. For permanent access set the registry value 'LocalAdminDismissedTimer' to zero (0).

Default after installation all users who can logon to the desktop can request Local Administrator Rights. When you toggle the registry value 'AllDesktopUsersAreLocalAdmin' from True to False, the file 'LocalAdminAllowList.ini' will be created by the Delegation Service. From then only specific users who are added to the file are granted to request for Local Administrator Rights.

Below Delegation of Control Desktop Tray icon

Above showing the Windows Delegation of Control Service. This service will grant the user the rights.

Displaying the options. Default request time is set to 4hours. As mention before you can modify the time.

Default after installation users can request for local administrator rights for 4hours. The user will be notified from 30minutes before the expire time. From then the user can request for more time using the same tray icon.

Default all request will be logged into the machine eventlog and Delegation of Control log file.

Platform support

- Microsoft Windows XP
- Microsoft WIndows 2003 (32/64)
- Microsoft Windows 2008 (32/64)
- Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64)
- Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64)

Platform requirements

The platform requirement is .NET Framework 3.0.

Easy Installation and Deployment

- Download software and install
- If needed change setting in registry and/or 'LocalAdminAllowList.ini' file

Future Addons

This software is the standalone version. You can set the registry values using a domain policy. In the future there will be a Enterprise solution with a Management Console. From then you can manage centralize settings, users and there will be an auditing reporting function.

Download Software

To get the Software, go to the Download section of this website.

If you have any issues or feature requests, drop an email and maybe we can help you.