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Universal Desktop Broker

You have problems managing (virtual) machines and
you don't would to spend thousands of euros on it!

Try the ToolsTogether Universal Desktop Broker.
This Enterprise Software will control and Manage all
your Remote Desktop (Windows and/or Linux)
resources you want to publish to End-Users.

Product Information

This Software is useful for companies who want to Manage and Administrate Resources to End-Users. Big Testing, Development and Production environments need more flexibility with the minimum cost of resources and Management.

End users have a smooth client with integrated Remote Desktop (RDP) and VNC protocol and gives you a single point of interface to all your shared and/or private resources.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install and configure
  • All Data stays at Data Center
  • Sharing (virtual) Desktops to multiple Users and minimize power consumption
  • No need for Expensive Citrix and Terminal Server Infrastructures anymore
  • One PC on your Desk for testing, developing and many more reasons
  • Easy Management on hundreds to thousands of resources
  • Delivers familiar, intuitive end-user experience
  • Working With Physical and Virtual Environments like XenServer, VMware and VirtualBox
  • Publish Published Applications to Users StartMenu and/or Desktop eg
  • No Expensive Backup Agent Needed. Use the Integrated Backup Tool
  • Software Deployment*

Tools Together - Desktop Broker Tools Service


  • No unused Resources
  • Isolate application problems
  • Single-sign On to Desktop Broker Resources
  • Build-in Remote Desktop (RDP) and VNC client
  • Seamless Behavior of Published Applications*
  • Limit usage of Pools and/or Resources after a Specific Date
  • The Ability to Take and Restore Snapshots (Based on VMware Server2.0, ESX2.5+ or ESX3i)
  • Monitoring using SMTP and/or Windows Eventlog
  • Integrated Backup Option
  • Additional Command-line Backup/Restore Agent.

Future Addons

  • Automatic Provisioning of Resources
  • Integrated VPN solution

The Universal Desktop Broker includes

  • Desktop Broker Server including optional MySQL installation and configuration
  • Desktop Broker Management Console
  • Desktop Broker Client
  • Desktop Broker Tools Agent*

Free Demo Software

You have a Demo period of 30days. Within this period, you can use the product.
To get the Software, go to the Download section of this website.

The Desktop Broker Client

How it Works

1. User connect to a Pool of Resources.
2. The Pool will reply on this Request by giving you a free available Resource.
3. The User is redirecting to this Resource and a connection is opened.

Easy Installation

1. Install the Desktop Broker Server software
2. Install the Desktop Broker Management Console
3. Install the Desktop Broker Client on a Desktops

Product Prices

Go to the Purchase section of this website.


Microsoft Windows XP or Higher
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Minimum of 512MB RAM
Minimum of 2GB of Free Disk Space
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
Member of Active Directory Domain