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Force software to always run as admin without exposing admin password or additional popups?

This software can give you the solution.

Product Information

This software will help you if you want to run programs or software under other user permissions. No annoying popups anymore. Once the RunAs Service has started all programs executed by the RunAs Client start without additional popups.

How it Works

There are two components. This is the RunAs Service. The other is the RunAs Client.
Once the Service is active, all programs started by the RunAs Client are handled and executed through the Service. So for example: software started by useraccount1 are executed by useraccount2.

The RunAs Service has also a Desktop Tray Icon. Right Click on it for more information.

Start software using the explorer contextmenu. Simple right click on a program and select 'Open with RunAs Service'. Be aware that the RunAsService component is active!

You can also modify the shurtcuts of specific programs. This way the program is always started with other user user permissions. There is also a commandline version.

Enable Event Logging and file logging. Logfile will be stored in de RunAsService installation folder.

Platform support

- Microsoft Windows XP
- Microsoft Windows 2003 (32/64)
- Microsoft Windows 2008 (32/64)
- Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64)
- Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64)

Platform requirements

The platform requirement is .NET Framework 3.0.

Easy Installation and Deployment

- Download software and install

Future Addons

No specific addons scheduled. Drop an email if you have any requests.

Download Software

To get the Software, go to the Download section of this website.

If you have any issues or feature requests, drop an email and maybe we can help you.