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ToolsTogether Download Center

Here you will find all the ToolsTogether software and utilities.
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Universal Desktop Broker (30 Day Demo)

DOWNLOAD the complete Desktop Broker Suite v1.5.0.0 (75MB). This Suite will includes:
     Desktop Broker Server and Database Wizard (70MB)
     Desktop Broker Management Console (600KB)
     Desktop Broker Client (500KB)
     Desktop Broker Agent (300KB)

You can also download the seperate products by clicking on them.

Freeware downloads

SoftGrid/App-V Preload Client script v1.3
Smooth ProgressBar
MindMap Application for ownCloud 7.x) (NEW)
EditDoc (WYSIWYG Editor for ownCloud 7.x) (NEW)
EditDoc (WYSIWYG Editor for ownCloud 5.x)

How to Use OSDSWDExec from OSD to install SMS Packages
Disk/San/Network Performance Script
How to set HP BIOS settings from OS
Microsoft Delegation of Control Software
RunAs Service
OpenMeetings Dutch Language File v1.1